Leaving harbor - photo by Richard Williams

Travis Stewart 

Portland, Or | USA

What skates did you bring with you?

(T) Razor Quinny SL's | Oysi Frames | Go Project 72mm outers | Dead 58mm/92a inners | Intuition Liners

What was your favorite spot on the tour?

(T) The Macau bowl spot at the Macau tower. For sure one of the top 5 spots I've ever seen in my lifetime.

What was your least favorite food?

(T) Any and all of the street food. Always sketchy seeing a guy chopping meat, shirtless, standing next to a taxi on the street corner.

What was your least favorite memory from the whole trip?

(T) Getting super sick part way through the tour. I think I drank some water from a fountain and managed to get a high fever for about 24 hours, had no energy, sweated all night, and slept for like 14 hours straight. Then it passed and all was well, but was a total bummer to lose a full day and a half to something like that. Bottled water for life.

Towering over the locals - photo by Richard Williams

Always workin’, filming Jon’s line - photo by Kyle Strauss

Always workin’, filming Jon’s line - photo by Kyle Strauss

Hardest trick you did?

(T) On the second day I was trying to bump to flat rail. I wanted Top Acid (right foot) to True Top Acid (left foot) full cab out but I kept managing to miss the TTA or I'd lock a true X Grind instead. After about 10 or 12 attempts, my bad knee gave out and I thought I tore my MCL/ACL all over again. After I sat down for a few minutes my meniscus in my knee popped back into place and I was ok again. But sadly I had to leave that one behind. I left me kinda gun shy for the rest of the tour until the last two days. It wasn't the hardest trick for me, but it's for sure the one that I regret not landing the most.

What was the best day of the whole trip?

(T) The second day of the trip really stands out above most of the others for me. It was an hour train ride to nearly the boarder with mainland China. We got to this complex between a bunch of high-rise apartments and it had a million different objects for everyone to skate. Ledges, drops, rails, wall rides, you name it. It was one of the most concentrated clusters of spots I can remember. After we left that spot we headed down a bunch of trails and hit some random drop in spots as well as a downed light pole. Then later we trekked into a small village area with this weird bowl playground spot and we filmed so many tricks on the rail and bank to ledge. Dustin gapped out of the area between a pole and bench. After skating all day the day before, and feeling so spent, the crew really stepped up and swung hard to keep the momentum going for that second day.

And last words?

(T) Big thank you to Jon and Buck for putting this all together and getting us all in the same place at the same time thousands of miles from home. Tour of a lifetime for sure. And next year is only gonna get better!

Evert inspin fishbrain in the barrel - photo by Kyle Strauss

Above it all on Victoria Peak - photo by Jon Fromm