Rare sight, full group photo - photo by Taylor Bredfield

Taylor Bredfield 

San Diego, CA | USA

What was your skate setup for the trip?

(T) 2016 USD Carbon Frees, Kaltik Swain frames, GC 60mm wheels

Where would you most like to go next year?

(T) I’d be up for anything but I’ve always loved the idea of SOUTH South America, like Santiago or Buenos Aires

What do you miss most about your time over there?

(T) Honestly the crew. Nothing more fun than a bunch of buds all hanging out and skating.

Can you describe your favorite memory?

(T) As we were wrapping up our last session, we had just gotten some good clips and everyone was sprawled out at the spot while we drank some beers and shot the shit. Looking around, we were surrounded by this forest of skyscrapers including the massive and monolithic Victoria towers. I remember sitting there thinking “this is REALLY f*ckin dope”.

Open water - photo by Richard Williams

Night life - photo by Richard Williams

What was your favorite meal in Hong Kong?

(T) I know everyone says to try the Dim Sum out there but for damn good reason. I snuck away one morning while everyone was sleeping and had a Dim Sum breakfast while chilling and waking myself up, best meal for me by a mile.

Least Favorite?

(T) The roasted pidgeon had a lot more tiny bones than I expected haha