The Dutch King of the streets - photo by Travis Stewart

Pascal Tan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What skate setup did you bring on tour?

(P) Razors Skates with Rolling Wheels.

Who was your must watch rider of the whole trip?

(P) Jarrod Banning, what a legend!

What was your favorite memory of your trip?

(P) Lacing the soul down the curved droprail. We took the ferry to the other side of the city and at the Hong Kong science museum we saw this perfect spot. I knew this was my destiny of the tour, but in the beginning I just tried too hard. Too many legendary skaters were watching me, for sure I felt the pressure. While trying I bumped into a woman who walked on the stairs (wtf) and after that we got kicked away. Still had to lace this hammer, so I went back to try again. Buck and Taylor joined me for the footage (thanks guys!!!) and we took an uber to the spot (#jetsetlife). In the end I laced it 3 times, even landed it to fakie and broke the fence, then we got kicked away again. Anyways, veni vidi vici, magical feeling.

Any favorite foods in China?

(P) Mexican Food (I'm such a tourist).

Thinking back, what did you hate the most on the trip?

(P) Sometimes we had hard times looking for spots. Long distances of skating, getting tired, that was really shitty. I'm not a marathon skater for fuck's sake, I just want to lace hammers... but in the end, when you finally find a good spot, it feels even better.

What would be the dream destination next year?

(P) Africa for sure! Capetown.

Mute Wallride to fakie - photo by Kyle Strauss

Bump to True Top Porn - photo by Kyle Strauss

What was the sickest trick of the whole tour?

(P) Jarrod's BS Unity to True Top Porn on one of the first spots on the tour. He set the bar really high with that trick, but gave me a lot of juice.

Any last shoutouts?

(P) I just want to thank your mother, because she's aways there for me.

Victoria Peak - photo by Richard Williams

Dabs up - photo by Richard Taylor


Soul to roll to Mute 180 - photo by Kyle Strauss