Jon Fromm

San Diego, Ca | USA

What was your tour setup?

(J) Razors Shift 2, GC frames, Reign Liners, and Sic Urethane Naylor Wheels

What is one of your favorite memories of Hong Kong?

(J) Watching everyone look at this spot on the second day that had about 30 different options. It was awesome to see everyone look at a spot in a totally different way. That’s what this tour was all about!

What’s one thing you really don’t miss?

(J) Riding in that elevator at the AirBnb.

Day 2 by train - photo by Travis Stewart

First trick of the day, 180 - photo by Kyle Strauss

Of the 11 days in Hong Kong, which one was your favorite?

(J) First day...Seeing everyone so juiced to start skating was an awesome feeling. That moment of “we finally made it”.

Where would you most like to go next year?

(J) South Africa!

What was your favorite or maybe your hardest trick on tour?

(J) Favorite? Banning. Back Unity to TTP at the rollercoaster rail spot. Hardest? Toe Roll to Acid to Topacid...I suck at toe rolls.

Any last shoutouts?

(J) The whole crew. Thank you for making this dream possible. Also Alex, Lazy and Josh! Thank you for everything and showing us around.

photo by Richard Williams

Half Cab Fishbrain in Macau - photo by Kyle Strauss

Hill Bomb to Mute Grab drop in - photo by Kyle Strauss

En Route to Kowloon - photo by Richard Williams

Bump to Fishbrain - photo by Kyle Strauss