Jarrod Banning

Denver, CO | USA

What was your tour setup?

(J) Razors Shift 2, Reign Liners, Ground Control Mega Frames, Ground Control 64mm wheels.

What’s your favorite memory of the trip?

(J) I can’t really choose one because the whole trip was absolutely amazing. The crew we traveled were all sick dudes. The skate spots were amazing. The food was delicious. The people were nice (sometimes.) The local bladers were sick. The whole experience is my favorite memory, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Lost at sea - photo by Travis Stewart

X Grind in the rain - photo by Kyle Strauss

What was your favorite and least favorite foods?

(J) Favorites were Filet Mignon at this Portuguese spot in Macau, Fish N Chips, and the Fried Pigeon. My least were the Fried Pigeon (was afraid of getting sick haha), I ordered some sort of beef dish that smelt so bad it made me gag, and all of the meat at the outdoor market looked pretty questionable.

What do you miss the most?

(J) Everything. The culture. The locals. The spots. The food. It was an amazing experience and I’m definitely going back!

Can you describe your favorite day of the trip?

(J) I’d have to say my favorite day from the trip is the day we spent visiting Macau, China. It was awesome to see another country we hadn’t planned on seeing. We took trollies, trains, buses, and a turbojet boat ride just to get to and from. The skate spots were unreal. The big buildings were cool to photograph. The Portuguese food was delicious. And we got to gamble for a bit. Definitely my favorite day of the trip!

What was your hardest trick of the tour?

(J) Didn’t get the bangers that I wanted to get but I guess the hardest trick I think I did was the back unity to wrap around true top pornstar. It was pretty difficult to hold the TTP.

Any parting words?

(J) Shoutout to Jon and Buck for putting this amazing trip together. Shoutout to all the sponsors that supported us on our trip! We all greatly appreciate it! And shoutout to all the Hong Kong homies who showed us around and showed us a good time! See y’all again sometime!

Fruit break - photo by Richard Williams

Sweatstance - photo by Kyle Strauss

Local puppers - photo by Travis Stewart