Evert Lubja

Tallinn, Estonia

What setup did you bring to China?

(E) Remz with GC Megas. Flat, 64mm.

What was your favorite spot of the trip?

(E) The Massage Chair

So is that what you miss most?

(E) Nah, I miss the Boyz!

What was the best day for you?

(E) The first day that everyone got to the airbnb and it hit me that it is actually happening.

What was the hardest trick you did?

(E) Skating every day hands down was the hardest trick.

Colors on Black - photo by Kyle Strauss

Lofty 540 line - photo by Kyle Strauss

What was your favorite trick you saw?

(E) So many good ones, it’s too hard to pick.

Well at least who was your favorite rider to watch?

(E) Jarrod Banning.

What’s the best and worst food from China?

(E) Best was Hong Kong Egg Tart, and worst was the pigeon.

Looking back, what do you remember the most from your time there?

(E) Mobbing Hong Kong streets with the boys and enjoying every minute of it.

Any final shoutouts?

(E) Shoutout to all the amigos around the world. My sponsors Remz & The Blade Clothing and to everyone involved in JLD!

Half Cab Makio - photo by Kyle Strauss

Zero Darkside True Fish - photo by Kyle Strauss

Giddyup - photo by Travis Stewart