Dustin Spengler

United States

What was your China setup?

(D) Razors Shifts, GC Megas, Go Project JA 65mm wheels, Reign liners

Can you describe your favorite memory from your time in Hong Kong?

(D) It’s so hard to nail it down to one memory, it was all such an amazing experience. From Pocari sweat, to the Typhoon aftermath, to the amazing different cuisine, it was all amazing and new to me. If I had to nail it down to one part of the trip though, I would say the day we went way north out of the city to some courtyard that was filled with spots and people. I loved seeing the people and their way of life. It wasnt Wan Chai or Kowloon, it was super authentic feeling with the kids playing and the dogs and all other sorts of fun ruckus. Thats one of the reasons skating a city is the best way to see it. We would have never seen that place and those people if we didn’t skate.

Day two clippin up - photo by Kyle Strauss

BS Royale to shifty out - photo by Kyle Strauss

What was your favorite dish?

(D) Dumplings and these weird little egg cakes at the hot pot place.

Who was your favorite to watch?

(D) Damn everyone had such different flavor! Jarrod always did the shit out every trick. Evert was clipping up on everything, and Pascal wouldnt fucking back down from anything!

Got anything you really didn’t like from your trip?

(D) The fucking elevator at the AirBnB! And a lot of weird sea food.

With that said, what do you miss the most?

(D) Pocari (duh), the homies, the spots, the nature, the hustle and bustle.

What do you feel like was your hardest trick while we had you on tour?

(D) Maybe that topsoul off the bench? Just weird to time the steps and then grind an obtuse wooden ledge off a drop with Buck's death hole in the middle freaking me out haha

Any parting words?

(D) Alex, Mildred, and Pancake waddap!

Soaking it in - photo by Kyle Strauss

En route - photo by Kyle Strauss

Morning routine - photo by Travis Stewart

Switching trains - photo by Travis Stewart