Deniz Baethke


Hong Kong skate setup you rode?

(D) Razors Shift 2, Reign Liners, GC Mega Frames, GC 64 Wheels, Grindhouse Bearings

Favorite trip memory?

(D) We went to a bank spot which is made out of wood. The only spot which got “bucked” on the tour. After skating it for a while Ryan just smashed it and disappeared in a hole.

Least favorite memory?

(D) Waiting 10 hours at Hong Kong’s airport before going home.

Who was your favorite rider to watch in China?

(D) Evert Lubja

Looking back, what do you miss the most about your time on tour?

(D) The time being together after skating.

Watch out Ladies Market - photo by Travis Stewart

Gap from the street over a chain to uphill Top Soul - photo by Kyle Strauss

Favorite spot?

(D) Hong Kong’s harbour. Laser and lightshow every night.

Favorite Food?

(D) Super fresh made Sushi.

Can you describe the best day of the whole trip?

(D) The day we went to Macau, China spontaneously. It wasn’t planned and turned out perfect. We skated there, got a chance to explore Macau, had amazing portuguese food and went to a Casino.

Who had the sickest trick of the trip?

(D) Jarrod’s flawless Zero Spin Stair Bash to Illusion Fakie 360

What was your hardest trick?

(D) Not the hardest but definitely the sketchiest Trick I did under the circumstances. Makio to Makio transfer in the rain. Rain was an on and off thing that day.


(D)Definitely shoutout to Jon and Buck for making this happen. All the boys who were on board. My Sponsors Razors, Groundcontrol and Grindhouse Skateshop keeping me rolling. The locals Alex, Lazy, Josh and Andrey for showing us around.

Street Car - photo by Richard Williams

Light Show - photo by Richard Williams