Victoria Peak - photo by Travis Stewart

Ryan Strauss

Florida | USA

What was your Hong Kong setup?

(B) Razors Shift 2 w/ GC FLT3, Reign liners, Red Eye Wheels, Bones super Swiss bearings.

What’s your favorite memory of the trip?

(B) Getting Pascal's foot out of the rail.

Who was your favorite rider to watch?

(B) On the tour, Pacal Tan. All Time, Aaron Feinberg.

What was your least favorite memory of your time in China?

(B) Getting sick and not being able to skate Macau.

What do you miss the most now that the tour is over?

(B) Having so much talent around to push your level of skating all the time.

Buck also had a chance to sit down with Be-Mag and put more thoughts out about the JLD tour. You can give that a read at the link below.

Gap to soul to gap back - photo by Kyle Strauss

X Grind through the kink - photo by Kyle Strauss

Getting Tanna Turnt Up - photo by Kyle Strauss

AO Makio - photo by Kyle Strauss